Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Growing up I could always count on the Sunday paper to offer some words of wisdom or humor through the comic section and one cartoon in particular, "The Family Circus".  "The Family Circus" was created by cartoonist Bil Keane and debuted on February 29, 1960.  Originally dubbed "The Family Circle",  the Circus faced objections to the name from the magazine of the same name.  Through it all, the Circus name stuck as a portrayal of Keane's family life and their exploits.  Today, "The Family Circus" is the most widely syndicated cartoon panel in the world, appearing in 1,500 newspapers.

I'm going to have the Keane family help me as we get ready for another holiday.  Here comes Turkey Day...and as we are on the cusp of Thanksgiving, I wonder what you are thankful for?  Do you really embrace the day for all its intended purpose?  Or do you somehow find a way to deal with difficult relatives by gorging yourself on turkey and the trimmings and then head for the couch or easy chair?  We all have much to be thankful for.  If you question that comment, then put pen to paper and see if you have more on the plus side than the negative.  Far too often we are mistaken with the material things in life rather than the blessings of life, family, health and home.  I could continue to ask question upon question regarding your thankful thoughts, but instead I'm going to turn to little Jeffy asking a very simple yet insightful question to his mother, Thelma.  See if it hits home with you......  

What are you doing today?  Hiding or seeking?  Little Jeffy's question has so many implications in our lives.  Let your mind take you to all the different variables....from a kids game, to determining life's goals.... to relationships..... to war......and to God.  Each of these situations offer the question, are we hiding or seeking?

AND now for some help from a little angel.  Several friends of mine shared a video with me of a young girl who further illustrated hide and seek.  Her story is about a man who tried to do it his way.  I caution you that this piece will require you to listen to her words, watch her expressions and be in awe of her delivery.  No teleprompter...few looks at her notes......spoken straight from the heart.

Can you see any of yourself in Jonah?  It's not an easy question to ask.  And have you been hiding more than seeking?  This Thanksgiving take the time to reflect on your blessings and pray for our troops all over the World.  Pray for their safety and that they are directed in the right ways of war.....and then take the time to pray for your own road to travel.  You'll hear the right words....and it won't be "Not It".



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  1. Good message, John, thanks for sharing. Do you know that animated little angel?