Monday, November 22, 2010


The journal you are about to read is part of an ongoing dialogue.  The words are a conversation between "the family" of the soldier experience.  It's Dads, Moms, Sons,  Daughters,  Relatives and Friends sharing their thoughts of a particular day and/or it could be the soldiers journal entry detailing his or hers.  I believe there are many, many people keeping a journal through the Afghan War.  If you want to share an entry of yours email it to  Your post will be strictly confidential,  no names will be used.  In addition, locations overseas will not be mentioned for security purposes except the country of origin.  Some editing may be done to further protect the journal participant.


I figured I'd write you another journal entry since I have some time on my hands tonight seeing as how I'm working in the TOC until 6:30 a.m.  It kinda blows because I've been awake all day...

Nothing new has really happened in the last few days besides getting moved back in with my old room-mate, back to the last unit I was assigned to.  It looks like I'll be working in the TOC and going out on missions so I'll have to juggle both of those somehow.  I'm also really hoping to train for another job, which I've heard might happen.  If I do, I will to go to another country for about two weeks.

I found out I probably won't be getting leave until May sometime. They weren't tracking  that I was even here! They thought I arrived a week ago and I've been here almost a month now. This is just another reason why I wish I never would have gotten switched from one unit to another in the first place.  I don't have the guys with me that I've known since Day One of the deployment. I really don't have any chain of command telling me what I need to do, which really sucks. I have to find everything out on my own and do everything myself.  There is still eight months left of this deployment and who knows what could happen in that time or what could  happen tomorrow for that matter..

Another Day.....Another ?????

The scenery here is getting old really quick.. I look out at the same city, the same mountains, the same everything everyday. And each day is about the same anymore. I wake up, shave, shower, put on a clean uniform, and go about my day like usual. The same routine over and over again.. Man I can't wait to come home and change things up, back to normal life.  It's not that bad here it just gets old really quick. Everyday is just another day.... at least it goes by pretty fast. I hope things back home are good as they can be.

I pray you all are doing well! 
               Love, Your Son




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  1. It's a bummer for all when your soldier feels this way. Our son's first deployment to Iraq was that way, he had gotten transferred to a new unit while he was at AIT and knew no one. It made things difficult and unfortunately his attitude suffered as well. It's hard to bring them up so far away. If he reads this, try not to be discouraged and look at the greater good. See if you can get on a waiting list for an earlier leave date, and most of all hang in there! You have a lot of support back home from those you don't even know. All the best from this military family to yours...