Friday, November 5, 2010


I love my dog, we'll actually he's our dog.  He's a Golden Retriever, a boy by the name of Mason. He is the second Golden our family has been gifted with......both adopted.  It's hard for me to think of anyone letting either one of them go.  They have been great dogs, a big part of our family.  I don't get it when people dump a pet.  Both of our guys have been incredible and loving......and loyal.  Maybe being a rescue dog has given them a deeper appreciation for having a home, I'm not sure, but it's like they know something other dogs don't.  Maybe how fortunate they are.

Mason is a talker.  He likes to take toys in his mouth and growl and speak to whichever of his "buddies" he's chosen to connect with that particular day.  I, on the other hand, like to play a game with him, where I growl back and get him to communicate with me.  If you heard us you'd probably think we were least one of us anyway.

Mason, the Compassionate One

Yesterday, I was telling my wife, Joanne,  about dogs in Afghanistan and how some of the troops stationed there adopt dogs into their units.  They become the mascot, so to speak.  And the reason they become such a buddy and become such a part of the soldier's everyday lives, is that it's a connection to home.  The Afghan people look at dogs much like we do rats.  Boy, they don't know what their missing out on.

So anyway, my wife Joanne,  goes to the computer and "Googles" dog stories from Afghanistan.  And several come in particular.  She says, you got to come see this.

This is where I need to make a hand-off, because it's not my story, it's Mason's.  He talked like he never had that day.  He put some "highs" and "lows" in his speak that I'd never heard him say before.  He even threw in an occasional whine for extra effect.  He had something he wanted to share that here he is.  Our Mason.

Thanks Dad.  You made my day.  Just like the day you and Mom came and rescued me.  I'll never forget that day.  Just like I won't forget this one.  I didn't know if Dad would understand what I was trying to tell him. I heard you guys talking about my brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and my heart went out to them.  I thought, "Mason what can you do to make a difference."  I came to the quick realization that my ruff edges would come in handy.  I talked, you listened and you acted.  Hmmmmmmmmm, so that's how obedience school worked, huh?

Now, on to the story, or the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.  This is where it gets good.  Check out the video below.  It's about a unique little "soldier", named Rocket Bubba.  Watch the story and then come back to hear the rest of the rest of the story.  

Kind of leave you hanging, did it?  What happened?  Did Rocket Bubba get put down?  Well, as the story continues, Rocket Bubba was in a pretty dire situation.  It did look like he was going to be put to sleep....that is until Eduardo Choate, a member of the International Police, came to his aid.  Through love and affection, Choate led a "company" of men and women in raising the $3500 needed to bring RB to the states.  He's in a great home now, Choate's home.  Spoiled as all get out from what I hear.  My Mom always likes to correct my Dad when he says I'm spoiled.  She says," no I'm loved."  Actually, between you and me, I'm both. Life is goooooooooooood. And so is RB's.  Man's Best Friend? forgot our side of the story,  Dog's Best Friend, too!!!!  

P.S. For further information on Rocket Bubba I have provided a link to his story.  He's got his own Facebook page too.  The guy is a star.  Back to you dad.

Thanks Mason.  You made a Mom and Dad proud.  There are a great number of ways to be moved through people, places, circumstances and yes, Dogs. helped put a different spin on the face of  War.  Now that you've gotten through to me, I'm wondering what else you have to say.  Speak Mason.  SPEAK.




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  1. Great story. Kleenex needed, though.