Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Perhaps you remember my dog, Mason.  The one who earlier in MFV blog history told of his affections for one his four-legged friends, Rocket Bubba.  Mason related the story about RB and the road he traveled before being adopted by a Soldier buddy and brought to the United States.  It was a feel good story.  It had all the traits of humankind.  Mostly good traits.

Now let me tell you another.  I mention that I'm going to be the one delivering the message because Mason is too choked up to speak. He appears beside himself and little wonder why.  I was watching "CNN's American Morning" and a crawl came across the bottom of the screen.  "Afghanistan Dog Hero Accidentally Euthanized".  Somehow I muttered the words over in my head, "accidentally"?  I turned to my wife and said, "how could that happen", still not believing what I'd seen.  And about that same time, Mason let out a BIG sigh.  The type of sigh that echoes pain.

Target.....a Saviour of Soldiers

I had to find out what happened, not only for my own curiosity, but for Mason's as well.  How could this of happened?  I've attached a link to the story.  Read on........


I'm shocked.....I'm angry......I'm disgusted.....I'm hurt.  I have all sorts of emotions as I write this, but I wonder most how Mason must feel.  No wonder he had the BIG sigh.  It all seems so unrealistic to think that an accident of this sort could happen.  A little hero wonder dog put down....accidentally.

 Where is the Hope in this story?  I'm trying to see something here.  I'm holding on to the fact that Target had a litter of puppies while in Afghanistan and they all found their way to the states. Where they're at, I'm not sure.  I'm not even going to speculate on some potentials here.  Yes, it would only seem deserving that one puppy finds its way to Target's home.  That would be a gift, wouldn't it?.  For me and Mason and Target's family, it would be the "Ultimate Gift".  Then I could share a SIGH with my four-legged buddy.  Yes, a GOOD sigh.  "Did I say that right, Mason"? 



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  1. Maybe one of them is Tripod! They sort of look alike, don't you think?