Monday, November 29, 2010


The journal you are about to read is part of an ongoing dialogue.  The words are a conversation between "the family" of the soldier experience.  It's Dads, Moms, Sons,  Daughters,  Relatives and Friends sharing their thoughts of a particular day and/or it could be the soldiers journal entry detailing his or hers.  I believe there are many, many people keeping a journal through the Afghan War.  If you want to share an entry of yours email it to  Your post will be strictly confidential,  no names will be used.  In addition, locations overseas will not be mentioned for security purposes except the country of origin.  Some editing may be done to further protect the journal participant.


Well we made it through Thanksgiving without having you here for the second year in a row.  Gosh that's been difficult.  It was nice having relatives around but there was a big "hole" missing.  YOU.

Thank God for phones and the U.S. Military providing free calIs home over the holiday.  It was great to have you speak with your grandma and grandpa and aunts.  I know it was special for them to hear your voice....and it is for us too, just to know you are safe.

Your brother made it home from AIT in Maryland on Thanksgiving Day.  Ten men from the family and your cousin's wife surprised him at the airport while everyone else was preparing for the feast.  He was speechless...and you know that doesn't happen often.  He stayed until Sunday morning when we put him back on the plane headed east.  He remarked that it was tough for him to go back to his training and that he couldn't imagine how hard it would be for you when you come home on leave.  I guess we'll deal with that when the time comes.

I've talked with a whole lot of families in recent weeks about the phone conversations they have with their soldier.  All have mentioned the "flatness" in your voices.  Many have also said they don't know what to say since your answers are pretty short and to the point.  Perhaps we can all work on that together.  It might even make for a good blog post, "How to Talk to Your Deployed Soldier."

I will say that your call on Friday about buying a motorcycle had you sounding the perkiest in weeks.  This should be fun helping you make the transaction and putting it in storage until your leave comes around....your saying May now?  Wow, that's a long ways off.  Maybe dad will have to take it for a spin once the weather warms up.  Nothing like an old fart on a crotch rocket!!

Your New Crotch Rocket Will Be Waiting for You....

I've heard quite a few stories about other soldiers buying things while they're deployed or when on leave. I imagine much of that has to do with money burning a hole in the pocket.  Whatever, you men and women deserve to treat yourselves, that's for sure..

I thought about the Afghan elections you told me about this past week,  You mentioned all the shooting going on in town after the results came in.  Guns going off all the time.  I thought it funny at first.  I thought of the Wild, Wild West and the shoot 'em up mentality that was present....then I remembered this was far too real.

Can't wait for our next talk and hope to have the bike in our possession.  VROOOOOOOMMMMMM....

244 days or 36 weeks to go however you look at it!  Praying for your safety, son.  Praying for you daily......

Love, Dadpo



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