Monday, August 8, 2011


Let's get down right personal, can we?  What are you praying about today?  Are you praying for that new job that will bring you more money and prestige?  Or perhaps your prayer request has to do with a new home or car or luxury item.  Or maybe your prayers have something to do about bringing that right person into your that could be a life partner.

Can you see any similarities in the three mentions I just made?  Without sounding judgmental, they all have to do about you.  I wouldn't even call them selfish per see.  But it does beckon what's on your mind these days.....self or others.  Here is what I mean. This past Saturday came some disheartening news regarding our troops on the ground in the Middle East.  

"A Chinook CH-47 helicopter was shot down by Afghan insurgents as it was rushing to aid troops in a firefight, killing 38 people, including 30 Americans.  Of those 30, 22 were Navy SEALs, most of whom belonged to Team 6, the unit whose members were involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, U.S. officials said.  The reporting of the military casualties represented the highest number of American military casualties recorded in a single incident in the decade-long war".

A Chinook CH-47 transport helicopter similar to the one shot down killing all on board
"The Chinook helicopter was carrying a quick-reaction force to provide back-up to the troops on the ground in the eastern Afghan province of Wardak, a U.S. official said. After the crash, the forces that were involved in the firefight "broke contact" with the enemy so they could go provide perimeter security for the crash site, the official said"

A week ago Saturday, the last of the 2,800 Iowa National Guard troops returned home.  With that great news and relief came some other things, most notably forgetfulness.  Think back to when Abraham was leading the Israelites across the Red Sea.  After God showed his mighty power and rebelled the sea what did his Chosen people do?

"He saved them from the hand of the foe;
from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them,
The waters covered their adversaries;
not one of them survived.
Then they believed his promises
and sang his praise.
But they soon forgot what he had done
and did not wait for his counsel".-Psalms 105:10-13

Have we forgotten what God has done now that are Iowa troops are home safely?  I think least to some degree.  What are your prayers today?  Does your prayer list have the soldiers and families on it....those that are trying to reintegrate into our "normal" Iowa world?   Are they for the safety of those troops (Oklahoma Guardsman)  that replaced our Iowa contingent?  Do we think about the replacements and the dangers they are encountering?  We just came from there.....we just crossed the Red Sea, so to speak.  Have we forgotten?  Are we in prayer for those soldiers?  Are you continuing to uplift all the troops around the world  who continue to fight for our freedoms?   

Last Saturday marked the worst day in U.S. military history in our ten years in Afghanistan.  The WORST.  Are we home free?  Will we ever be home free?  I ask you these questions to offer some changes to your prayer life.  You'll never see God's blessings like you could, if you don't pray for others.  After all, God uses the BLEAKEST day to deliver his gifts.  These days, I think, would qualify.



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