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Allen Iverson.  That's a name some of you might be acquainted with.....and I'm sure others have no idea who he is.  To say his name is mentioned in my blog, is surprising to say the least.  I really never cared for his game or his attitude.  But here is what I learned yesterday in Day Four: A Walk In Silence. 

Allen Iverson was a standout, but headstrong player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association.  He was an 11 time All-Pro.  Yet he often put individual before team.  He was forever in conflict with authority.  In 2002, he had an run-in with his head coach, Larry Brown.  

The two frequently clashed; for example, when the 76ers were defeated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, Brown criticized Iverson for missing team practices.  Iverson responded by saying, "We're sitting here, I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice," and went on a rant that included the word "practice" over twenty times".  His words made an impact.....albeit a negative one.

In recent weeks, I have been helping two legends in Iowa broadcasting history launch their shows on Christian radio.  J Michael McKoy and Steve Deace have taken their platforms to KTIA-99.3 FM in Boone, Iowa.  McKoy is on from 3-4 p.m. locally and Deace's show is syndicated nationally from 4-6 p.m.   In addition to the radio program, both are shown live at

Practice?  It's a Process..........

Yesterday, during Steve's show a discussion took place during a commercial break of the process in selecting a proper candidate for the Republican Presidential run.  Steve mentioned the word "process" several times and that got me to thinking of the Iverson rant.  I passed Steve a note reminding him of AI's press conference.  In the next segment, he used the word "process" instead of "practice".  Everyone in the studio had a laugh.  End of story, right?  Well.....when I got home that evening, Iverson and the word "process" kept rattling in my head.  Iverson's remade message just might have legs....long lasting legs, I thought.  So, this morning I sent Steve an email encouraging him to continue the "process" in educating his audience to know the candidates and their stances and their responsibilities as a Christian.    Here's a portion....

Ok, Iverson.   Help us again, big guy.  Show us the way....or rather, show us the other way.  Steve, when you and Jen (Steve's co-host) were talking about the political "process" during the break, Iverson's video piece came to mind.  It wasn't him....heck, I couldn't even remember his name.....brain cramp, for sure.  But it was his dislike of the word, "Practice".  Go back and look at the piece.  The first time, he said it, it was with disdain.  The second, not so much so, and by the third time, I think he was beginning to see it didn't make sense to utter those words.  Not only did he look like an idiot for going public, he showed his total disgust for authority.

Many of us have issues with AUTHORITY.  Allen sure did.  I sure do.  But this past week has been a true eye opener in what God is doing in my life.  He's changing me.  He's transforming me.....and that's been a big Process. 

Steve, Allen Iverson, might have done us all a favor yesterday.  Or maybe best that we say, God used Iverson's actions to help us all understand the right way.  Even though the words might me a little different, the thought is still there"........

Is there a process in becoming a Christian.....yeah.

One is not automatically born a “Christian” nor is anyone a Christian merely based upon living in a so-called “Christian” country, being part of a “Christian” family, being given a “Christian” name or because one has attended a “Christian” school.
  • The Bible teaches that each one of us must, at an age of accountability, individually/personally “become a Christian” - Acts 26:28. 
  • Since “the “sum of Thy word is truth” - Ps. 119:160, it will therefore be the sum of conditions that God Himself has given in the process of becoming a Christian that one must comply with or “gladly receive” (Acts 2:41, KJB) in order to simply become a New Testament Christian , nothing more, nothing less, nothing else - Acts 11:26; 1 Pet. 4:16.
In becoming a “Christian” no one should request of anyone anything but the very same “process” or “series of actions that bring about a particular result, end, or condition” than that which we can read about in the “Great Commission” the cases of conversions in the Book of Acts.




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