Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We're a day away for PV2 Pete.  One day from connecting with a person who hopefully can offer some help, some direction and some love.  As I told you about last week, PV2 Pete was facing a decision about following through with a meeting he had arranged with his church support system.  He had, in his own words, been passed from one person to the next. He was frustrated and discouraged.   And he additionally felt, that the farther he was removed from getting his pastor's help, the farther he was from getting the proper understanding and help he needed. That was last week.

Since then, he's waged many a discussion in his head.  Should he go to the meeting with the care core person or not?.  His general impression is that the time he spent with that person might be further frustrating.  Or should he go back to the care core director and ask to meet with him?  After many agonizing days and nights, he placed a call to the director, who saying he understood PV2 Pete's feelings, agreed to meet.  So that's where we're at today.  Tomorrow (Wednesday), is when that connection takes place.  As the hours and minutes dwindle to tomorrow, Pete is two words, hopeful and guarded.   Alot is riding on this meeting.

And how did we get here?  Remember when PV2 Pete came back from Afghanistan, he felt like an outsider looking in.  Times had changed and everything was different.  He didn't really want to talk.....he just wanted to forget alot.  Over time, the not wanting to talk began to take its toll.  Then he started feeling like he couldn't talk to anyone....that people wouldn't understand what he had seen and what he had gone through.  Family and friends could tell Pete was becoming harder and harder to reach.  There wasn't alot of humor present in the old Pete and he was so, so serious.  From Pete's perspective, he recalls reaching out a number of times asking for help.  Was that reaching obvious?  Were the people at the other end of the request aware of what he was saying and asking?

As I talked to Pete, he admitted those attempts for help were somewhat lame on his part.  He had thrown out some little "testers" as he called them, to an old high school buddy and then to his older brother.  Each time he did though, those individuals were unaware of what he was saying.  "My asking went right over their heads", Pete would say.  "I didn't want to come right out and ask for help.  I tried to slide it into a conversation where they'd catch my thoughts.  And now you know how that went".

And that's where were at.  Hours away from a meeting that could and should alter Pete's life direction.  I pray for him today....and hopefully you will too.  But as I do, I can only think of all the other men and women who have sacrificed for us and who might be facing the same issues as PV2 Pete.  Or worse.  I think of a Job Fair that is being held in Des Moines, Iowa today to help the Heroes who have given of themselves.  How awesome is that?  And I think of Veterans Day coming upon us this Friday.  My gosh, it is beyond  comprehension the number of Americans that have given of themselves and their families....and all for US.

Who is your Face of War?
Yet, I keep coming back to PV2 Pete.  He has become the face, for me, of the Wars we fight each and every day.  He reminds me alot of my son....and if you have a son in the military.....he probably would you too.   That's why I'm rooting for Pete to get HELP.  My joy is to pray for you PV2 Pete.

"And whatever you ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son". ---John 14:13  

Up Next:  Results of the Meeting for PV2 Pete



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