Thursday, March 3, 2011


A little over a month ago, I posted  in "My Father's Voice", some "why" questions.  concerning the news of the day or the peer pressure item of the week.   I've felt alot of emotions forcing me to dig deeper.  In truth, those items to be examined were challenging me and my faith....and no doubt yours.  At least I hope they were.  And as you'd expect, we now have more staring us right in the face.  It's really a matter of whether they affect you, how they affect, why they affect, should they affect or when will they affect you. 

Words like unrest, uncomfortable, unacceptable, unamused, unappealing, unaware, unbacked, unbelievable and UNAMERICAN.  There are 3,876 words that begin with "un" and many of those would apply.  Do you have a favorite "un" word to describe situations you find hard to find answers to?

Today, the new list I share with you will not be long because in the end, this exchange will be more about how it impacts you.  It's already hit me.  Perhaps, though, I can lead you somewhere....

1.  Why are the recent uprisings in Egypt and Libya of any importance to us?

2.  Why would the Supreme Court vote 8-1 to allow Westboro Baptist Church the right to continue to protest at the funerals of fallen military personnel?

3.  Why would a lone 21-year old, Kosovo gunman enter a bus at the Frankfurt, Germany airport and kill 2 U.S. Airman and wound two others?

4.  Why is lack of confidence and motivation a big problem facing our U.S. Military in 2011? 

5.  Why are oil prices going to cause serious problems for the world economy, and ultimately for us at the gas pump and every other aspect of our lives?

As I said, it wouldn't be a very long list.  I could have asked a whole more.  I could have thrown out the name Charlie Sheen.  But really who cares?  Or should we?  Maybe, just maybe, we should focus on the man, rather than the antics of the spoiled actor.  This dude needs serious help.  And of course there are others that deserve questioning.  The Wisconsin Debate, the War on Drugs at the Mexican Border and the misuse of spending by our U.S. Government just to name several more.  But I'll skip those for today.

I'd like to tell you a story.  Many years ago, a young man marveled at his father's occupation as a private detective. He heard details of kidnappings and murders that added to the glamorous setting his father lived in.  What the young man didn't see though, was the constant turmoil his Dad lived in.  He had the fear that someday one of the people he helped send to prison might seek revenge.

One day the phone rang at their home.  The young man's mother answered the phone.  After a few seconds of conversation, she said "he's not here".  And then followed that up with "that's funny.  He just hung up", as she turned to her watchful son.   As was the norm for this family, any unidentified call needed to be reported to the "office".

Within minutes, cars came to a screeching halt on the street outside the house.  Quickly, officers were present within the house and at any entrance.  The boy's father asked his wife what she said to the caller.  "I told them, he's not here", she replied.  The father was furious.  In fact, in memory, it was the only time the young man ever saw his dad mad at his mom.  "Never, never, never, say he's not here", Dad said.  She never did again.

Don't we do the same thing?  When our problems seem insurmountable aren't we prone to say, God's not here. He is though.  He's there when our "why" questions seem overwhelming, he's there when we hit the wall and see no end to a problem.  Never, never, never, say he's not here.

Have you ever heard of a bridge to nowhere?  Ever seen a picture?  Take a look....

Where do your bridges lead you?

This particular "bridge to nowhere" was built in 1936 near Azusa, California in the San Gabriel Mountains.  It was initially designed to connect ski resorts but a torrential rain in 1938 washed out roads leading to the structure.  It has never carried a car.  Today, it is only accessible via a nine mile hike or horseback ride.  And there are others.  Some of those have architect blueprints behind them and others lie in our minds.  Where are your bridges?  Are they working out for you?  Are some fruitless and frustrating?

I think the above illustration says alot, however I leave it to you to interpret.  These are times when the "why" questions will only get longer and stranger in scope.  But that's in THIS world they will.  There is another option.  And if you want, you can ask me why.   



"Holy Spirit, I trust your guidance on the roadways of life. How I rejoice that Jesus is the bridge that leads me to the heart of God"- Fay Angus


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