Friday, January 28, 2011


My wife and I try to begin each day with some words of inspiration and guidance.  Our resources come from "Daily Guideposts", a daily inspiration for our Military families, "The Upper Room" and the Bible.  I can tell you this, it's been tremendously helpful to so many ways.  It's calmed the storms, it's given us different attitudes to our struggles, but most importantly, it's provided a sword and armed us for what the World has in store for us, each and every day.  Today, it gave me a story idea.

Author Philip Zakeski provided the motivation in his short story about the word "why" from Daily Guideposts.  Zaleski told about his young son, Andy, who asked the question, "why do we die of old age?"  In reply, father Zaleski responded, "because when you get older and older, you get slower and slower, until finally you stop".  Andy came back again, "why do we taste with our mouth?"  "Because we have taste buds", Philip said.  "Then do we have smell buds in our nose and hear buds in our ears?",  Andy fired back.  Dad countered with, "I don't think so".  Then here it came............."Why not?". asked Andy.   Dad made a quick discussion shift, perhaps knowing that Andy was in his "why" mode.  It appears that when Andy reaches that questioning mode, he has more questions than Dad has answers.   Zaleski's wife suggested that every time these back and forths took place, she was reminded that every child has a "Why" chromosome.

I can remember back to my younger days when I asked the "why" questions to my Dad.  Mine might have been a little different, I think.  More along the lines of..."Son can you go get me the hammer"...."Why?", I would respond.   Looking back, now that I'm a father, those probably aren't the best "why questions".  My dad has been gone for 21 years and I can still hear his response today...."because I told you so".

What have you learned from your "why" questions over the years?  Did you get many of them answered?  Did you move on to another question that you found more perplexing?  Did you feel your questions were an annoyance, or did they provide a mentoring moment?  What new questions are you lining up in your noggin right now?  And if you're not thinking about this and that.....why aren't you?

Why War?
I'm filled with more "why" questions today than ever before.  It's what keeps me learning, searching and hoping for a reason or purpose to be revealed.  Here are some of what questions I have on my mind today.  Perhaps they will coincide with yours, maybe not.  Or maybe they'll cause you to think for a moment.....yeah, I wonder about that. 

1.   Why is there War?
2.   Why doesn't the sun shine so we can see it everyday?
3.   Why do teenagers think their parents are as dumb as rocks?
4.   And.. Why do parents seem smarter to their kids, the older they become?
5.   Why is there so much evil in the World?
6.   Why does the military force soldiers to take leave mid-point through their deployment?
7.   Why am I not a long lost relative of Oprah Winfrey?
8.   Why don't people want to be accountable for their actions anymore?
9.   Why is the workplace so full of distrust, back stabbing and lack of loyalty?
10.  Why are Christians so lazy in reading the word?
11.  Why are church politics so ugly when Christ is not the focal point of their mission?
12.  Why is there War?
13.  Why do people post such stupid stuff on Facebook?
14.  Why are people so reluctant to change?
15.  Why are people so greedy and manipulative?
16.  Why do our politicians say they are going to make a difference and never do?
17.  Why do the Chicago Bears have problems finding a quarterback, when the Packers always can?
18.  Why do Chicago Cub fans say there is always next year, when they know better?
19.  Why is there War?
20.  Why is there killing?
22.  Why would anyone want to get into politics with all the mud slinging that goes on?
23.  Why are people afraid of making a mistake?
24.  Why are people so reluctant to say, "I'm sorry"?
25.  Why do we spend hours upon hours on our computers searching for things we shouldn't be?
26.  Why are our wisdom-filled seniors continue to be looked down upon?
27.  Why is our military in Afghanistan, remind me again?
28.  Why are the pounds so much harder to take off the older you get?
29.  Why are our teachers still at the low end of the pay spectrum?
30.  Why did Jesus die for us......when so many people have no idea?

I will admit, I already know the answers to some of the questions I asked, but it's still fun to ask anyway.  Others though, will remain with me for a long time, perhaps forever.  And that's alright.  I do know, it won't keep me from asking others a question, researching or praying for an answer.  I still keep hearing the words, "because I said so"......that's what keeps me going.  Maybe that's the reason WHY.  




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