Monday, January 3, 2011


Many years ago a TV personality by the name of Art Linkletter hosted a show called, "House Party".  One segment within the series was a piece entitled, "Kids Say the Darndest Things".  I'm not sure where these young guests came from, but I will tell you that they came up with some great one-liners.  I would imagine some of their comments made their parents blush.  However, shouldn't adults be part of that mix as well since they say some unusual things too.  I'm not a psychologist but it might be wiser to categorize us all capable of saying and doing the darndest things and that would just about size it up.  And when I say doing, here might be the latest.

On September 11th of this past year, Antony A. LoBue, also known as "Tony the Vet" launched his year-long Walkathon Across America for the Support Our Veterans Association (SOVA).  LoBue, a senior and wartime veteran with disabilities, plans to walk across the United States.  He left San Diego and plans on arriving at Ground Zero in New York City on Sept. 11, 2011, the 10-year anniversary of  that fateful day.   LoBue, recently founded SOVA as a veteran, consumer-driven, grass-roots movement that will work to help all veterans, their families, veteran support groups and communities.

Tony the Vet "Carrying the Flag"
LoBue served in various capacities while in the service.  He was a 1LT Commander in the Army from 1964-66 stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  After active duty, he joined the Texas National Guard  where he was CPT Commander at Temple, Texas until 1969.  After leaving the Army,  Lobue was active in a variety of positions ranging from an English instructor, to a Peace Corp Volunteer, to a Fundraiser and Real Estate agent.  Not one of those jobs smacked of political activism. the years continued to pass him by, LoBue continued to feel a pull in advocating for veterans benefits.  LoBue talked about what made him decide to do this.  In a sense, he says, he’s trying to “give myself away.”  LoBue says, “I needed to revolutionize my life by having a singular purpose with great passion.  And I decided to do something to help veterans, since I am a senior, disabled and a veteran."

The 3,600 mile journey that Tony began last year will no doubt be a long one in a variety of ways.  LoBue walks 10-15 miles a day on a route he plotted some time ago.  Each day of this venture, LoBue is hoping to open the eyes of someone that can come alongside either in support of the walk or in furthering the exposure for increased Veterans benefits and support.  As I checked in today, LoBue was somewhere near VanHorn, Texas maintaining a pace that will enable him to arrive in New York at his expected time.  Yes, people do say and do the darndest things.  In this case, Tony the Vet is demonstrating that doing is much better than saying.  Tony has a Facebook page that you can follow his journey @Tony the Vet....Best to you Mr. LoBue.

The Route to New York.....Arrival Date 9-11



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