Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We're about five months into the deployment of the 3,500 Iowa National Guardsmen to Afghanistan which is a great time to assess what has taken place from a personal view and from feedback from other deployed military families and you the reader.  Not necessarily a good and bad, but a time to vent and a time to reflect. Let's hit on the vent part first, followed by reflection.


Why do some people/companies/and churches get it when it comes to support of deployed families, while others stand on the sideline?......Where oh where are our community leaders/media when it comes to heightening awareness of our deployed troops and needs of the families, not the soldiers, the families.....Family readiness groups are available for every deployed family, how many families truly understand the role of the FRG and use them?.......One person "can" make a difference, but how much more effective would they be if others came alongside?.....When was the last time you called a deployed family friend to check up on him/her?......Did you check on the family next to you that might need help with snow shoveling this winter, or some other need they might have?......Did you reach out to help the husband who has a wife deployed and has three daughters that he is trying to navigate life with? ......Got all your Christmas plans in line or how about doing something different and adopting a military family? In fact, why not adopt that family for the remainder of the deployment period?....Where were you when the Christmas lights went out?..........The Taliban is 1-0 versus Superpowers, did we not learn anything from the Soviets?  Remind me why we are in Afghanistan again, would you?......Our troops are the best equipped and trained military in the world, why are we fighting from a defensive mode?..... Alot of people think crying is a sign of weakness, how could it be, when it shows you care passionately about something?.....When was the last time you prayed for our troops and what they sacrifice?....How many people know who Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta is?............I wonder if people think military families take care of each other, do you?.....I wonder how many more times our family will have to go through a deployment......Why are some people so ignorant when it comes to feelings?......Why do some people want to do things with their own agendas, rather than letting God offer the direction?........I wonder if War is_______?  You fill in the blank on that one, okay?....I'm waiting on you God to direct me to my next assignment (not really venting here, just sayin',  I'm ready).


We are a proud family of two young military men and another who watches with curiosity........I'm in awe of the courage and sacrifice of our troops each and every day....Support can come in so many different ways, not always money, maybe time, maybe prayer, maybe love, maybe ears to listen, maybe just being a friend.....We all say we need more time, find it!!! ....The Christmas lights never go out at our house....Compassion is a trait that can help change the world......Prioritize your day, but be ready to juggle things up when called upon......Faith is the foundation of our families hope, our dreams and our existence......I can't wait to place a Christmas wreath in the front yard of a military family I know.....I'm looking forward to going to the Des Moines Skywalk on Christmas Eve and helping clothe the homeless, might just be a Vet there that needs some love.....I'm going to keep moving forward in drawing attention to our troops deployment and their families......There is always another door if one gets shut.....Thank God I live in the United States of America.....I was bowled over in some support that I've gotten recently, thank you, thank you, thank you.....The writing of this blog has been inspiring, but the people I've met and the stories I've heard, have been even more inspirational.......When you least expect it, expect it......It is better to give than receive, trust me. .....Merry Christmas, yes Merry Christmas!  I hope you're not offended  by me saying that, because if you are, then I'm offended that you're offended.....and most importantly, thank you for being an Awesome God!!



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