Thursday, October 28, 2010


How often do you have a moment that renders you speechless?  The kind that stops you in time.  When everything around you has zero value.........because you can't think of anything more important than that particular moment.  Few of us have those.  But if you do, they last a lifetime.

A dear friend, Pastor Michael Hurst, of Elim Christian Fellowship in Des Moines uses wow alot.  In the middle of a conversation, he'll say wow.  During his sermons, he'll say wow.  The more I hear him say it, the more I'm convinced, he just likes the way it sounds.  "Wow".  I wonder if his wow, is more of a reflective wow.  Like seeing something reflective, for the first time.  Or perhaps seeing it another way when he had his eyes and ears opened further. Knowing Michael though, he's probably fine tuning it for the day he meets his Maker.  WOW!! 

There are all sorts of wows. Like the wow when your sports team does something special.    Or the wow when somebody offends you......or the wow when you 've hit the wall from pure exhaustion.  They have their place, no doubt.

Then there is the other type wow.  WOW, thanks to Lisa Majors of Urbandale for sharing this video story the other day. I'm glad she did.  If there is a story that moves you, impacts your thinking, changes your beliefs....causes you to move out of your comfort zone and do something abnormal...send it to me.  We can share it with others.


I want you to meet SPC Channing Moss. Moss was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in 2006.  As he lay on the operating table listening to doctors he was keenly aware that death was close by.   In his own words, he was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice that day, fortunately, that didn't have to happen.  What you are about to unique. It's a "WOW" moment.

You'll be able to hear from the doctors that attended to him that day and saved his life.  Let their voices  serve as the real testament to the work our military does, each and every day. Those doctors were in the moment.  I should mention that there are some scenes from the operating room that could be considered graphic in nature.  In my opinion, the shots are tastefully done and add to the moment.......get ready for "WOW".

YGG, John

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