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The essay that I submitted to the Des Moines Register on Tuesday October 19th on "As Iowa Guard Deploys, How Many Tears Are Left?" appeared in the Sunday Editorial page on October 24th.  The initial reaction was inspiring to say the least.  But why should I be surprised?  I'm just the instrument in this matter.  Your texts, emails and phone calls of encouragement prompted this......"My Father's Voice."

The words, the concept and timing of the launch of this blog are certainly not mine. I was just ambling down the road with a sign attached to my back that read, "Slow Person Ahead." However, as I look back, God has been preparing me for some time. Educating me, pruning me and helping me understand his world.

 It all began on that Tuesday  morning at 5 o'clock when I woke up.  I started thinking about our oldest son deploying to Afghanistan.  First came the emotions....then the thoughts and then came a call to action like I've never felt before.  BAM....I hit the keyboard on the computer and started pounding away.  A half hour later I sent my "letter" to the Register and reflected.  Gosh what just took place?

I heard nothing the remainder of that day.  The next morning I looked at my email inbox and there was a message from Linda Fandel, the Editorial Page Editor at the Register.  She had a one sentence reply asking if I had submitted this essay to any other publication.  I responded back, "no, should I?"  And then thought, so be it....the road will open up some place else if they say no.  Moments later, the phone rang and Linda asked if they could run the story.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sure.  Let's go for it.  I must say that Linda is my angel in this whole story.  Her place in this entire situation was profound.  Circumstance, not on your life. 

So here we are.

Thank you to those that have responded that the first story has caused them to stop and reflect...and yes, even shed a few tears. The "pain" that many people could relate to in the first posting is not mine alone. Thousands of families are affected, some more and some less. But most importantly, there are stories out there that will challenge your spirit and change you in ways you never thought possible. And with your help and God's direction, we can bring them to light.

That's what "My Father's Voice" will be about.  We are going to navigate the joys and sorrows of life and talk about them.  And we are going to discuss this in a conversational manner.  Just imagine having a conversation with your father here on earth and your father in heaven. Just dialoguing, talking...rapping (did I date myself?) Oh well....  

If you like the concept, tell a friend the blog address.  Our next topic will be "The Long Road Ahead" (what's up for the families and friends of an Iowa Solider as they deploy to Afghanistan).


Now we need some type of sign off.  A reflective couple of words that says something and means something. I must say, here is where I feel, as a male, that we've gotten short-changed.  Women have their, "You Go Girl."  And it says alot.  Us men, hmmmmmmmmmmm, "You Go Boy", doesn't do it.  "You Go Dude"....nah.  "You Go Guy".....sounds well, less than appealing.  Say it.  You Go Guy.  Now faster.  YOU GO GUY.  Faster...and now Faster.  A little hard to say, don't you think?  Actually it might be a good brand name for a power tool, that Tim "Tool Time" Taylor could promote.  Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!!! .

Okay, I know I've gotten off point here, but I think you get the idea.  You know, I think I'll just go with something simple, but strong.  YGG.  Yup, YGG.  "You Go God".  Now, we're off and running.



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