Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am amazed how God connects the dots in our lives.  Simply amazed.  And then again, I'm not.  Because that's how he WORKS.  Yesterday, I received an email from a lady, Sue Diaz, that I will share with you.  I'm not sure how she found me, but she sent an email to an account that I use for non-business stuff for the most part.  I think, more than anything, Sue and I connecting was alot about God's letting me know that I am not done.  Not yet anyway.....     

Dear John:
My son is back from the war, but my heart and prayers go out to our troops still there.  If I may, I'd like to share with you a couple of videos related to the war and my family's experience of it......please feel free to post or share them in any way you feel appropriate.

Sue Diaz

The first video I will pass along has to do with her son's deployment.  I'll let her tell the story.....  

Well...did that hit home?  Have you had that same type of a conversation in your household or over the phone with your soldier?  We have.  And it is not a particularly enjoyable subject to discuss.  At the Prayer Vigil on May 15th for our Iowa National Guard Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, one of speakers, Ed Vos made a point much like Sue Diaz has.  Speaking from his 22-year military career, Vos, eloquently questioned the crowd, "how many other jobs are there were you fill out a will as part of employment paperwork".  My gosh, did that hit home.

We ask alot of our soldiers, who in turn ask much from family.  It's a give and take proposition.  Some of you will never have to experience that.  But if you do, you will learn more about yourself and your soldier than you ever knew possible.



P.S. If you'd like to see more of Sue Diaz's work go to http://www.minefieldsoftheheart.com/