Friday, April 10, 2015


England's Prime Minister David Cameron struck a chord and in many respects he might have put together an entire progression when he offered some words of advise to the people of Great Britain in his Easter address.  His focus was the persecution of Christians in other parts of the world.

"Easter is a time for Christians to celebrate the ultimate triumph of life over death in the resurrection of Jesus," Cameron said. "And for all of us it's a time to reflect on the part that Christianity plays in our national life."

Cameron said the Church is "not just a collection of beautiful old buildings," but a "living, active force doing great works right across our country."

Now let's compare that with what's at work in the United States.  This is from Craig Masters of the Northern Colorado Gazette:

"Barack Obama’s education in Muslim schools seems to have been as distorted in favor of Islam as it was against Christianity. When he decided to tell Christian Americans to get off their “high horse” and understand that what the ISIS fighters are doing to Christians today is really no different than what Christians did to Muslims during the Crusades, he was clearly telling America his sympathy lies with the ISIS fighters.  But his version of history is the lie of Islam, not the truth of Freedom.

Obama himself finally blew the smoke away from the mirrors he had so successfully hidden behind for so long. Although the disgraced network news readers have ignored or excused the President’s anti-Christian speech, his own press secretary has defended it by saying that the words Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast were carefully chosen.

Will this exposure allow just a few more Americans to see “their” leader is a traitor who – up until his “Christians on their high horse” speech – has diverted their attention while attacking America’s economy and undermining our freedoms, future and independence. An attack directed against us from inside our own protected walls of the White House.

How much more obvious can it become that the Obama presidency has been nothing short of an all out attack on The United States, Christianity, the Constitution, and Freedom.  Islam demands no freedom. Sheria Law has no provisions for equality of women, no punishment for throwing homosexuals from rooftops or beheading children of infidels and the missionaries who dare to challenge the words of Muhammad". 

Mr. Masters has made some very strong comments, but it does cause a person to reflect on their accuracy. take a long, hard look, it would be more than difficult to argue otherwise. 

Is there much in common with Obama and Cameron? 
Let's get back to Prime Minister Cameron and some of the other words of encouragement and  wisdom he shared.  Cameron praised Christians for feeding the homeless, helping people conquer addictions and comforting those who are suffering.

"I know from the most difficult times in my own life that the kindness of the church can be a huge comfort", Cameron said.  "Christians don't just talk loving their neighbor; they live it out in faith schools, in prisons, in community groups.  And it's for all these reasons that we should feel proud to say this is a Christian country".  "Yes, we're a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths and none, but we're still a Christian country."  Cameron went on to denounce the ongoing persecution of Christians in parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, saying there is "a duty to speak out about the persecution of Christians around the world."

"It is truly shocking that in 2015 there are still Christians being threatened, tortured, even killed because of their faith, from Egypt to Nigeria, Libya to North Korea", Cameron said. "Across the Middle East Christians have been hounded out of their homes, forced to flee from village to village, many of them forced to renounce their faith, or brutally murdered".

"To all those brave Christians in Iraq and Syria who are practicing their faith or sheltering others, we must say, 'We stand with you".

There is stark difference between the two leaders, for sure.  And ultimately it leads one to wonder what the future is of both of their countries.  For those in the United States, I offer this:

"Why isn’t America in bible prophecy?  In all likelihood, some of us will not know the answer in this life, but in hindsight, it will most likely be plain and obvious to the people of the Tribulation.

The need to see America in bible prophecy stems from a common mistake in the study of bible prophecy – trying to fit bible prophecy into the current headlines, rather than reading current headlines in the context of bible prophecy.
We can see the many signs of the end times, knowing the hour is late and His coming is near.
And with America still holding a position of strength and power in the world, it’s difficult to reconcile our belief that the end is near with the Bible’s silence regarding America’s role.
Nevertheless, we can be confident that bible prophecy will come to pass with 100% accuracy, and the United States will not be a significant player in end time events".
If those thoughts get you fired up, remember some words said a long, long time ago, "because the Bible tells me so".  We can debate all we want as to the why and where fors, but somewhere, sometime, the wheels came off the track.     

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