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When it comes to awards, military awards especially, you can call me a "homer".  Recently voting was opened for six finalists all vying to be named the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year.  Among the super heroes is a former Iowan, Stephanie Geraghty, formerly from Avoca.  Stephanie is representing the Marine Corps and from the bios I've looked at, she's up against some stiff competition.  The remaining finalists are from the Coast Guard, National Guard, Air Force, Army and Navy.

And the 2012 Winner is?????
Let's hear something from Stephanie so you can become a little more acquainted. 

"I am humbled by this honor and thrilled to share my story, especially the miracle of STROLLER WARRIORS.   My story begins on a farm in Avoca, Iowa, where I was born and raised.  My midwestern values and Catholic faith have helped define me today.  From a young age, sports became my passion and especially RUNNING.  I also play a mean game of Scrabble.  (that's a sport, right?!)   I majored in English Education at the University of Kansas (Rockchalk Jayhawk!)  and hope to teach middle school children someday.  School-based programs dominate my list of volunteer activities, including Adopt-A-School, Big Brothers Big Sisters and assistant coaching.  Additionally, my attention has been devoted to other key causes including distributing groceries to the needy at the Smokey Hill Vineyard Food Kitchen, organizing a Marine softball team at Buckley Air Force Base and serving as the Newsletter Chair for the St. Francis MOMS Group. 

I also worked full-time in Publications at Lockheed-Martin while volunteering and attending graduate school during the evenings.  As a proud Marine Corps wife of eight years, my husband Brian serves as my best friend, my inspiration and my hero.  Together we have endured five deployments and three moves.  We've also been blessed with two wonderful sons, Caden (5) and Cole (2 1/2).  Throughout our lives, both Brian and I have found passion and solace in running.  During our fourth deployment in 2010, I achieved a lifelong goal of completing the Marine Corps Marathon.  Crossing that finish was a defining moment for me, proving I could achieve great thins under great burdens.  Running races has provided a source of focus and accomplishment when I need it most".

Here are some quick facts on Stephanie:

Number of Years as a Military Spouse: 8
Role Model:  My Grandmother, Phyllis Klindt
Favorite Movie:  A League of Their Own
#1 Fan of:  Dessert.....Mmmmmm
Can't Stand:  Snakes
Loves to:  Run, bike and sometimes another run!

And here is what others are saying about Stephanie:

When God made Stephanie Geraghty, he really got it right!  I tell people this all the time.  She has been through five deployments in the time that she has known her Marine.  She wholly exemplifies the spirit of the military spouse.  She not only fearlessly conquers deployments for herself and  for her two boys and husband, but she has also provided a crutch for over 300 women in Jacksonville, N.C. area.  Two years ago, she started a running club. I am nominating Stephanie Geraghty for the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year because she has gone above and beyond the "call" of a military spouse.    

And another testimonial.... I have known Stephanie since her family checked into Camp Lejeune the summer of 2009.  I remember meeting and thinking she was so encouraging and someone who motivates you to be better"  Two years later, I know without a doubt that Stephanie is a born leader and has made not only my life, but countless other's better.  In the past two years, I have seen Steph deal with two big deployments which her oldest son had a difficult time with, two unexpected deaths in the family and receive a life-altering diagnosis for her youngest son.  Though these hardships (all within two years, mind you) would put down even the strongest military wife, Stephanie has been the epitome of encouragement for other military moms.   

I have linked the site to vote for Military Spouse of the Year.  I would encourage you and anyone else you know to cast your vote for Stephanie.  Hey, and even if you're not an Iowan, and a "homer" right alongside me, know that you've voted for a spouse who takes her responsibility seriously.  The great thing is, you can vote more than once.  Our best to you Stephanie!!!



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