Monday, June 20, 2011


Finally!!!!  I just got off the phone with our son Kris who gave me a second day of "great" news.  Yesterday, he sent me a message concerning our relationship and how it's grown this past year.  It was the best present a Father could ever hope from a son on Father's Day.  Much of the change in our relationship has come due to his deployment to Afghanistan.  It hasn't been all bad.  For sure there have been some tough moments.  But it's time to put Afghanistan in the rearview least that's the best possible wordage I can paraphrase from Kris's comments.   

Perhaps as soon as twelve hours from now (Monday at 11:25 A.M. CST) Kris will be hopping on a helicopter with a number of other Iowa National Guard buddies......headed HOME.  Or at least the first leg of that trip.

The End is in Sight!!!!

I will write more about Kristopher's trip home at a later date.  More than anything, I don't want to jeopardize any of our troops as they begin this "pulling out" process.  I know that I'm speaking for a great number of people today who have prayed faithfully for our troops safety.  Don't stop now y'all.  Keep 'em coming until all of the Homecoming's have been completed in Iowa.  That day is coming, you know.

Anyway, I wanted to share this good news we got today.  It will be even sweeter when we hear his voice telling us he's at his next stop enroute back.  To be continued......




  1. I also talked with Jacob (my youngest) yesterday (Father's Day) and he told me the same thing. He's leaving the FOB on Monday!!! Although it may be another week or 2 before they actually leave country, it's still a big sigh of relief to know they are actually on their way out. :)

    Jake said he can't wait until he gets to BAF and visit the Pizza Hut there !!!! Oh the things we take for granted stateside. haha

  2. I'm sure they'll see alot of things we take for granted when all is said and done. Thanks for sharing Mark and congrats to you and your son!!!

  3. Just found out Jake is already at BAF. My other son (Jordan) is still at his COP though. But he'll be leaving soon. I think they have a date to meet up at BAF's Pizza Hut !!!!

  4. Alright....that's some great news!!