Friday, April 8, 2011


Time is running out.  It appears that OUR government is headed for a shutdown.  If we don't have an agreement in hand by midnight tonight (Friday) then we're headed for some heated response.  What will that mean for our military personnel?

While the Pentagon will continue to prosecute the war in Afghanistan in the event of a government shutdown, US troops will work without pay, according to a new guidance issued late Thursday by the Department of Defense.  “All military personnel will continue in a normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with excepted or non-excepted activities,” reads the memo. Yet, it adds, “military personnel will serve without pay until such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.”

Already our servicemen and women have seen "hits" to their paychecks.  And this is frankly disgusting.  Here are some responses I've come across that you need to hear.  But more importantly, our lawmakers need to listen. 

Dear Whoever,
So I guess the whole military not getting paid has already started.  My next paycheck is $666 less than usual!  I see how it is, oh yeah,  let's not pay soldiers who are fighting overseas for our country but let's pay the fat congressmen who get to sit on their asses all day and make money for doing nothing.  That sounds like a fair compromise... NOT!  What's this world coming to???

Dear Anyone in Washington,
Considering that I am deployed to Afghanistan I should be worried about dodging bullets and roadside bombs. However, due to Congress and their inability to legislate the budget, I now also have to worry about my pay getting cut in half and at the end of the month not getting paid at all. My family needs you to fix this now...

Mr. President and Members of Congress,
I have just reviewed my paycheck for the 15th and I have only received pay until the 7th. It is pathetic that you find it acceptable to not pay our deployed Soldiers on time. Shame on all of you for making our combat pay part of your disgusting partisan politics. Even though we are not getting paid, All Soldiers and I will continue to do our jobs. Please start doing yours.

Do You Need To Be Reminded?

This budget could have been done a year ago when the Democrats had numbers in the House and Senate.  But of course, it was an election year.  Now, we have one party blaming the other for failure to get this agreement in hand.  Sadly, our Soldiers are front and center in taking a big hit in this mess.  Where is this headed?  I'm not a fortune teller, but I don't think our lawmakers want to "play" with the lives of our military personnel and families.  That would be a bad place to start a WAR.




  1. I am with John! How can it be that we live in a country surrounded with abundance, and we cannot put our military in the front of the line? Without them...there wouldn't be an America, and I fear that many in this administration have goals to put that agenda into place. Destroying the morale or our very troops that make our freedom possible...NO! This is NOT acceptable. Our troops MUST be paid! Let something else fall..starting with payments to foreign countries...our people must come first!
    Heavenly Father, I don't have to even tell you what is happening to our country...You can see, and You know. You are more sadden most of all as I know You see the future we cannot. What man has done, in turning our backs on You, and not following the plan You provided for us. Lord, You do have a plan for each person, and I ask You to protect each man and woman serving the United States of America, and give them Your favor. Protect each soldier, each and everyone. Place a "hedge of protection" around each mind, cell, organ, bone, muscle and tissue...protect them from the enemy. Shield them placing them out of harms's way...let them be invisible to the enemy and give them the upper hand, Your hand in all battles they must face. Give them peace in knowing You are with them. Stand with them, Father, showing Yourself to them. Let each one return home whole, in mind, and in body. Make a way for their families to live while they must be away. Give them the appreciation and love they deserve while serving, and during this service and after that service...wake up our govenment to view our men and woman in the service of America as their own families...enlighten them them to the blindness they have had to our soldiers, put it upon those hearts to change...Make a way for our troops showing just how much we do care for the sacrifice that each has made. Father, I thank You that you do have a wonderful plan for your children, our troops...for You know the plans You have for them, plans to prosper them, plans not to harm them, plans to give them a hope and a future, and when they come and pray to You, and seek You will all their hearts, You will be found by them, and You will deliver them out of captivity. We thank you, Father, for protecting these wonderful men and women, and we support them and want them brought home very soon...just as they left us...whole in every way...only changed by a closer relationship with You. Thank You, Lord, for hearing their prayers and standing by their sides...Thank you, Father, for loving them, and this country...forgiving us with Jesus's Mighty Name, I do pray. Please know...we love you, and we will NOT stop praying for your safe return, and we appreicate what you have given up to serve this country, and know that there will be a time that we serve you and the efforts you have made. Your effort will not be in vain. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob continue to call You HIS children, and bless you and yours while He keeps You in His safe keeping. From my heart, I love you, and will continue to pray. Sincerely, Gizelle

  2. Gizelle, those words are extra special! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for our Country!!!!

  3. Even though the budget has been passed...I wanted everyone to PLEASE not forget what they did. I will not forget this election time, and neither should you! NO INCUMBENTS! Kick them all out and start over.

  4. Start over? There are some lawmakers that do have our interests at heart. I'd like to see only those who truly want to serve us, be reelected.