Thursday, February 10, 2011


6 BANDS....3 CITIES......1 CAUSE....AND IT'S ALL COMING YOUR WAY IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The name of the cause...."Pizza Ranch Restaurants Present The Establishment Rocks the Iowa Guard" is a fund raiser for the families of the Iowa Guardsman currently deployed.  And it's coming to three Iowa cities in the not so distant future.  It's the brainchild, of Eric Boetger, a member of the rock band, "The Establishment", who was moved to do something after hearing of the deployment of a family member of his group. 

"It was in mid-October and I was traveling back to Des Moines from Sioux City", mentioned Boetger.  "I just spent the weekend with our band and was talking to our lead guitarist, Terry Hubert, about the deployment of his son-in-law, Andy Pick, with the Iowa Air National Guard".  He continued, "Terry told me about Andy deploying to Iraq for eight weeks with his group and that during this time, his daughter, Amanda was pregnant.  That got to me.  I got to thinking that I needed to do something", he said.   And move he did.

Boetger began reaching out to music friends about his idea to "build" a tour with bands that had Iowa roots.  The Establishment was a 2008 inductee into Iowa's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Much of their music was displayed during a stretch from 1969 to 1977 when everyone lived around the Sioux City area.  Today, their members live in Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada.  Playing is a little more difficult, but the love and commitment is still there.  The other bands, The Locked and Loaded Band, Checker and the Bluetones, Dirty Grandpa,  Faculty Lounge and Hoodoo Prophets will be appearing at one site or another.

"I kept seeing the number three", said Boetger.  Three different locations.....Sioux City this Saturday, Waterloo and West Des Moines.  "We wanted to do something before the first of the year, but it just didn't work out with venues and schedules". "So, we put a plan into place for early 2011".

Deployed Families Find It Hard To Ask For Help
The interesting part of the plan came in the manner of how the monies would be directed to the families of deployed guardsman.  While in Iowa City on business,  Boetger decided to drop by the new armory and introduce himself and his idea.  The lone soldier on duty listened to Boetger's thoughts and liked what he heard.  He directed Boetger to Family Services at Camp Dodge and the last part of the project came into place.  All the monies from the concert proceeds would be placed into an account and families could then apply for assistance.  It was now full steam ahead......

So, it all begins this Saturday in Sioux City at Emma's Event Center.  Doors open at 6 p.m. for social time and viewing of silent auction items.  The bands will begin playing around 7:30 p.m. all the way to midnight. On the Sioux City card is The Establishment and The Locked and Loaded Band.

On February 26th, the tour will move to the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo.  Headlining that night will be The Establishment and Checker and the Bluetones.  And.....on March 5th, the Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines is the sight for The Establishment, Dirty Grampa, Faculty Lounge and Hoodoo Prophets.   The door and concert times are the same for all three cities.

All the band members have donated their time and talents......there is no cover charge.  Only a free will offering.  According to Boetger, they are still looking for auction items from area businesses.  You can contact Eric at 515-360-6058 if you have any items you'd like to place up for auction.  100% of the monies raised will go to the fund.  A fund that came from an idea of someone wanting to do something to make a difference.  

Now, you can too.....plan on making this a night out when the tour comes to your city for this really good cause.  Cause it's something you need to do.   




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